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Oh never mind.

Does anybody want to go on a long flight with me and Fedora_Pilot?

Hello fellow Royal air pilots! Flying the KLAX to KONT rout tommorow at 4:00pm EST! Bring a 777-300ER or an Airbus A380! I hope you all come!🛫

Brand new staff

I’d like to congratulate @FedoraPilot for becoming leader of events and I’d also like to congratulate @jjt0909 for joining the event management team! We have a whole team dedicated to make exciting events! There is a event coming up! so stay tuned!


I’m very happy to announce that we now officially have 23 pilots! I’m very happy and thankful. I know I don’t say it a lot, but I really am happy.

Want to join the ever growing virtual airline? Click the link and head over to the “contact” page to sign up today!

And as always. Stay tuned!

Does anybody want to go from KLAX to KONT?

Everyone On this topic please switch to STANDBY Royal Air Around The World @ KLAX - 102300ZAPR16 if you are attending the event.


After hitting more than 20 pilots! I thought that it would be nice that we had this feature.

And today I’d like to announce that Royal air is now officially going to be using slack as a communication method.

Event: “Around the world”

I’d like to tell you about a event that our event management team has been talking about!

Around the world is happening in Southern California. Where we visit the top airports! excluding KNUC as it’s a military airport Please see the post below, for more detail!

Everyone when you join please copy my FPL! :) Thank you very much.

Hello! Anyone on?

I am on at the mo

jjt0909 Want to join my airline?

what is it

pm me and we will talk there

what do you want to do… pm me

pm me then

pm me and don’t do this on someone elses posts

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I will work on it now.

Do not advertise your VA on a different VA’s post. It’s rude and a very bad way to get pilots.

I like how the other website’s fleet uses the exact same word as Royal Air…

Anyways great website but I don’t really like getting strapped to an airline

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