Royal Air Virtual

Hello there! My name is Dan and today I present to you. Royal Air

Royal Air started with one goal: To deliver the best IF experience.

Want to join? Either PM me or visit the website! Here are the minimum requirements to be a Royal Air pilot:

  • Must know the basic understanding of commands. So when communicating with ATC, there is no misunderstanding.

  • Must obey the ATC no matter what, and don’t ruin the reputation of Royal Air

  • Last of all: Have fun :)

Join here today! Link to our website:


Daaaaammmmmmnnnn Daniel, Back at it again with the virtual airlinesssssss!!!

Congrats on your Virtual Airline!


Thank you very much! And I was waiting for someone to do that ;)

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I like the art on it. And the yellow text. beautiful.

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Thank you! Means a lot :)

no problem. I know good art when I see it

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Your website design though… 9/10 Just needs more content and umm… a Logo

Logo is going to be made. I just need a good logo designer :). Thank you for the high rating! :)

I meant instead of the wooden background, use that picture you used in this post

Okay! I will update the website :)


The website now officially has the new logo! There isn’t a wooden background anymore, thanks to @AnnieCorp_Inc for the idea

Pilot/Staff Recruitment

Remember guys! We’re still looking for pilots!

Also, I am currently looking for a CEO of Royal Air and a event manager! If you think you’re good enough, PM me!

No…just no…I thought this forum was free of that.


That was all… Hopefully

Just checked out your website, it’s great. There’s just one problem that the writing is hard to see on one page.

I’m very sorry about that, when I was editing it and saw the final version it was fine.

I will fix that ASAP

If there are more problems, please do tell me!

EDIT: I have fixed the problem.

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We have 3 brand new pilots! @Jack_Foley, @Skylines and Ryan! Congratulations to them!

We also have a brand new staff member! @Ksisky is the official event manager! Congratulations!

Join Royal Air today!


@Ksisky Congrats!!

Royal Air also operates under Paradisair and flies routes for larger VA’s

Which in particular?

Another Update!

I’m proud to announce that we have 5 brand new pilots in one day! Which I am very happy and pleased about.

Royal Air launch event

I’d like to take this opportunity and tell you all about RAV launch event! This is just a nice meet up of all of us and having a nice group flight. Also, you don’t have to be a RAV pilot to join! So feel free to attend! You can check the original post here:

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