Royal Air Virtual Is Back!

Before we get into the news, I have a note to all the mods: I know I made this same topic back in May, but after that topic, RAV went inactive due to exams etc. This topic is a separate topic, as there is new things I want to announce.

Royal Air Virtual, many must have forgotten the name, but, not anymore, because Royal Air Virtual is back! And it’s back with some new features:

#Brand New Website

The old website was getting boring and was not getting updated and had many problems, so to counter-act that, a new website was a must! Hope you like it! [Feedback will be highly appreciated]

#New Logo!

I feel like this logo represents Royal Air far more better than the previous one.

And that’s all! There are far more things coming in the future! Stay Tuned!


The 77W doesnt rotate at 190 knots and the A380 at 180kts.
More like 150-160 knots.

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The aircrafts you have listed above were tested for their takeoff speed by me. I recommended these speeds because it requires less rotate and a much smoother takeoff.

I will try out the speeds you mention and if you’re correct, I will update them on the website. Thank you very much!

If there are any other problems, send me a PM or send us an email:

Kind Regards

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if you need any help with a logo contact me :)

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Thank you very much! I will certainly contact you!

Kind Regards


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