Royal Air slack announcement

This post is only for Royal Air pilots

Dear pilots,

I have sent out invitations for you all to join Slack. Please accept the invitation I have sent to you.

If you don’t know what Slack is or simply don’t have it, here is what you need to do.

Go to the App Store/Google play store. Search “slack” and click on the first thing and hit “get” or “install” (it’s a free app)

That is what the app looks like.

Or you can search up “Slack” on the Internet! Thank you @Samuel123abc!

Also please PM once you get Slack so I can add you. This will make sure you are in the slack group.

Please get the app ASAP.

To the mods, I needed to make a brand new post as this announcement was very important. Please do not close this. Thank you very much. Kind Regards

Slack is web-based as well.

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Thank you @Samuel123abc! Will update that :)

I thought you already knew that, you’re on my team ;)

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I always used the app 😉

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Oh, I gotcha now ;)

I tried slack for sketch flight, didn’t work. I suggest GroupMe but that’s me. Good luck!

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