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Welcome to Royal Air Maroc Virtual!

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Who are we?

Royal Air Maroc, also known as RAM Virtual, is a virtual airline built from the actual operations of Royal Air Maroc.
RAM Virtual is based in Casablanca and has a network of more than 100 destinations all over the world.
RAM Virtual was founded in July 2021 by Captain Nast.
We can provide you the best possible experience by offering a choice between various routes, whether in Africa or the 4 other continents thanks to our fleet of the most secure planes in the world. But also with the help of our many partners, including Oneworld which provides the same qualitative service as we do.

Why are we here?

We created RAM Virtual as we believe that Africa should have the possibility to propose more VA and therefore exhibit the great variety of its continent’s beautiful landscapes.
Morocco can offer short and medium hauls in Europe, East Africa and, in the Maghreb, offering a wide choice of airline routes to fly.


I’m CaptainNast and the founder of Royal Air Maroc Virtual.
I created RAM Virtual because I am really enthusiastic, inspired by and dedicated to this VA environment.
Obviously, my aim is to make the best possible VA without competing with others but rather learn together so that everyone will make the most of this experience, and by bringing a professional and nice aspect to this VA.
I invite you to join my VA to speak with aviation enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with you.
If you have any questions, your Flight Instructor or any member will be able to answer you and thus bring you a better experience!

CaptainNast, CEO of Royal Air Maroc Virtual.

Our team is made up of:

Position IFC
CEO @Stan7
Events Manager @over_974_flo
Graphic Designer @parson
Human Ressources Officer Vacant

If you would like to get one of the above staff roles please contact @Stan7.

Our fleet is made up of various planes, from the ATR 72 (replaced by the Embraer E-190) to the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747-400.
Two of our planes are available in the Royal Air Maroc livery, if the plane you are flying with does not have a Royal Air Maroc livery you will have to fly with the generic livery.

Here are the planes we use:

Aircraft Livery Haul
Embraer 190 Generic Short-haul
Boeing 737-800 Royal Air Maroc Short and medium-haul
A321-200 Generic Medium-haul
Boeing 747-400 Generic Long-haul
Boeing 767-300 Generic Cargo-haul
Boeing 787-8 Royal Air Maroc Medium and long-haul
Boeing 787-9 Generic Medium and long-haul

As you progress in the VA you will be upgraded to higher ranks which will allow you to fly with more planes and more routes.

There are 9 ranks:
Thanks to these ranks, you will obtain the possibility of flying short haul, medium haul and then long haul.
See the different ranks below:

Rank Requirements Unlocks
Trainee First Officer Have been admitted Short-haul
First Officer 5 hours Events/ROTW (Routes of the week)
Trainee Captain 10 hours Medium-haul,short and medium-haul codeshares
Captain 40 hours None
Commander 75 hours Long-haul and all codeshares
Pro Cloud Surfer 150 hours Cargo
Silver 500 hours 1.2x multiplier
Gold 1000 hours 1.5 multiplier

Royal Air Maroc Virtual connects Morocco to the rest of the world: most countries of West-Africa, most European capitals, Middle-East, North American, Brazil and even China.
Royal Air Maroc VA is also one of the only airline to operate Moroccan regional airports (see “Featured Destinations”, here below).

Our main hubs are:

Casablanca (GMMN)
Marrakech (GMMX)
Fes (GMFF)
Tangier (GMTT)

There are other smaller airports that we use as a base but they offer fewer destinations.
We can also propose a large choice of destinations thanks to our codeshares.
​Do not hesitate to consult our large network of routes to get an idea of ​​what we offer.

Airtable-Routes Database


The Oneworld alliance is composed of 15 airlines based around the world. With this partnership, Royal Air Maroc asserts itself in the sky and obtains many routes in collaboration with other companies of the alliance. By this means, it stands out from other African companies and becomes one of the most powerful on the continent.

Oneworld Codeshares

Finnair Virtual
American Virtual
British Airways VA
Finnair Virtual
Qatar Airways

Other Patners

Despite its presence in the alliance, Royal Air Maroc has signed contracts with other airlines such as Air France, GOL, JetBlue or Saudia Airlines, and many others. All these agreements only strengthen the company and allow it to reach the whole world from Casablanca to the HUBs of its partners.

Other Patners

Etihad Virtual
Dubai Virtual (coming soon)
GOL Virtual
LOT Virtual
Saudia Virtual
WestJet Virtual Group (coming soon)

  • Be at least 13 years of age
  • Be grade 3 or above
  • Own a legal copy of Infinite Flight
  • Be able to speak basic English
  • Be able to use Discord
  • Be able to complete at least one flight per month
  • Have an IFC account in good standing
  • Do not appear on the IFVARB blacklist
Application process

To join Royal Air Maroc Virtual, all you have to do is register from our website and you will receive a response within 48 hours.
A private message on IFC will then be sent to you to join our discord.

Then you want to join Royal Air Maroc Virtual!

Apply Now


@Baba For the automation of our AirTable system as well as for the thread design
@saam For setting up all the database routes and for the discord server.
@InfiniteFlight_Shots For the VA’s logo


Royal Air Maroc Virtual is in no way a partner, affiliate, or endorsed by Royal Air Maroc.
We are just a virtual airline in the Infinite Flight game based on the Royal Air Maroc model.
All logos are the property of Royal Air Maroc.


Such a wonderful thread hehe, I’m proud to have help you in the design of this one and I hope the best for the VA!


Thanks a lot for your help!
It was a pleasure.

CEO of Royal Air Maroc Virtual

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Hi pilots,

I am happy to announce new codeshares with LOT Virtual, thanks to @HappyDays.
You can now fly with LOT and hope you like it!




Hey There!

Congratulations on your approval, you have a nice looking thread, good luck with your VA.

Founder & CEO
Air Europa Virtual


Wait, why nobody tell me about a virtual airline that is from my home country. Anyway. Nice thread bro. I like it. Let’s try some day to join

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