Royal Air Maroc "OneWorld" | Boeing 787-8

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Hope you are doing great, because today I bring forth a wonderfully elegant livery - one that I’m sure we can all agree is amazing in every single way…

Royal Air Maroc | OneWorld 787-8

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But why?

Well, Royal Air Maroc has recently updated its livery on its 787 aircraft, and it looks spectacular! Having lost the oneworld livery on the Qatar 77W, I thought that it would open the floor for a new oneworld livery - and what a livery to replace it with! The addition of this livery gives even more diversity to the already really diverse fleet, and would really put places like Morocco in the spotlight.

Who is Royal Air Maroc, and where do they fly?

Royal Air Maroc is the flag carrier of Morocco and has its largest hub in Casablanca, where they opperate flights to North America, parts of Africa and much of Europe. Their Boeing 787’s are an integral part of their long haul fleet, operating all of the flights to North America and many of their European focus cities.

If you’d like more information on Royal Air Maroc, feel free to follow the link below!

Thanks for reading through my post, if you like what I’ve requested, feel free to vote or post a comment on what you think!

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Wow that livery is beautiful.


You have my vote now!


I never vote for liveries but this is just so tempting…

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this is actually stunning wow

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Wow what an amazing livery , you got my vote just what an nice African livery.

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I don’t think I’ve seen a One World 787 before. I don’t have any votes left but if one frees up then I will consider this as an option until then you have my full support on this livery.

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Thanks for the support guys! This livery is just an absolute stunner, and I’m so happy that many of you agree!


The RAM livery is just 👌

Also I appreciate that OneWorld let’s the airlines keep the original airline livery on the plane instead of like, how Star Alliance or SkyTeam takes over the whole aircraft 🤢


One of few modern liveries I actually like


Couldn’t agree more! OneWorld definitely gives that chance to make liveries like this!



I had no idea this actually existed! Such an incredible livery. I’ll try and free up a vote!


Got my vote!

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