Royal Air Maroc got its' first Boeing 787-9!


Yesterday, December 12, Royal air maroc got it’s first 787-9!! This aircraft came in a special livery too!! This aircraft will be used on new routes. Royal air maroc is planning to use this aircraft on routes like Casablanca to Paris Orly, Casablanca to Brazil, and Casablanca to JFK and many other places!! Royal air maroc is planning to get 3 more of these aircrafts.



So this aircraft went on its first transatlantic flight to JFK yesterday, December 21, and check out this water salute. Also what do you think about this special livery on the 737 max 8 and the 787-9?


Looks great! Nice livery too!


I wish that this was their livery for all aircrafts and not a special livery


Me too. It is a very nice livery.


Agreed. Very nice.


Who says that it is a special livery?? From what I have heard RAM is going to modernize everything. New planes so some more 737 Max and the new livery will come to other planes too! Would be great if @infiniteflight will add that livery too ;-)


That is one good-looking livery!


Not this guy… next time reply to the right message haha


Oh i’m sorry hehe


I truly love the red on the 787!


Beautiful colors!


Royal Air Maroc feels like a royalty


This livery will only be used on the first delivered 787-9 and 737 max 8. But I heard they will add 50 more aircrafts but I think they will not be in this livery. But it is all up to RAM to see what liveries they will put on their aircrafts.


Just a little update. Royal air Maroc just confirmed that this livery will be their new livery.