Royal Air Maroc Boeing 787-8

I think this would be a good addition.

Royal Air Marc was founded in 1957 with just a few Junkers Ju-52s. Now the airline operates 53 different aircrafts with 3 more on order, including 744s and 788s. The airline flies to 94 different airports in 42 countries all around the world including New York, Montreal, Zurich and Geneva. Main routes remain regional flights in morocco and to France. Currently the airline is seeking to replace it’s aging fleet: For long haul the 787 has been ordered to replace the aging 767s. As a replacement for the 744s either B748s or A380s are considered, while the replacement for the B737s could be 737NGs, A320neos, Embraers or even Bombardier CSeries planes.


i don’t really like it mainly due to the livery not having a single word of English on it other then the Boeing decals and the livery is a bit boring

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Love the livery!

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hm… I don’t really like that livery

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The English translation, Royal Air Maroc, is painted on the right side of the fuselage.


Oh right so it’s a bit like the old air India livery then.

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I think the other side has it in English, like Transaero.

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I don’t really like it. It’d plain and boring. I don’t like the cheat line on it.

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