Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737 MAX 8

As the Boeing 737 MAX 8 will be added to Infinite Flight, I thought now would be the best time to make a request for the Moroccan national carrier: Royal Air

Why Royal Air Maroc?

Within Infinite Flight, Royal Air Maroc is presented with the Boeing 737-800 and the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, with old and outdated liveries that Royal Air Maroc changed in 2017. Adding the Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737 MAX 8 with the new livery will be a smart choice, at least a lot of people can learn about it, fly in and out of Casablanca, we’re talking about a 4 star Skytrax airline and the best regional airline in Africa here.

Royal Air Maroc has an expansive network of more than 90 destinations in 4 continents. Boeing 737 MAX 8 might be the newest plane in the fleet but it’s already used in several destinations

The Royal Air Marox MAX 8’s fly to the following destinations:

  • Luanda, ANGOLA
  • London Heathrow, UK
  • Amsterdam Schiphol, NETHERLANDS
  • Paris Orly, FRANCE
  • Cairo, EGYPT
  • Abidjan, IVORY COAST
  • Lagos, NIGERIA
  • Barcelona, SPAIN
  • Agadir, Morocco
  • And more

The new livery on Royal Air Maroc represents better the color of the Moroccan flags, and it’s about time such a livery has to be featured in Infinite Flight. I mean, we do exist Moroccan users in this app

Please comment below your opinion about the featuring of this incredible livery, and I hope that, like me, you find it worthy of a vote. And I’m sure you’ll love this livery, just the colors are fascinating.

I’ll put into vote if I get enough positive feedback from you guys, Thanks for reading !! 😊😊

To find out more about Royal Air Maroc, you can follow the link below:

Feature request for Royal Air Maroc has already been created, vote here