Royal air maroc B787-9 (2019 livery)

Hey community today I’m here to request the royal air maroc 787-9 which I think looks stunning in its new suit photo I’m not Muño credits to royal air maroc refreshed its livery with the Launch of 787-9

I have no votes at the moment but have my support. 🙂

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Unfortunately there are a lot of liveries that the IF haven’t introduced or have gotten wrong. For example, Aer Lingus only has A320’s and A330’s but in IF they only have Aer Lingus liveries for the A320 and the A350. There isn’t much we can do about things like these because the IF development team has much bigger things to worry about such as taxi lights or new planes!

I have no votes, but I have my support this livery is beautiful, I hope it will be a day added to IF and when that happens I hope they correct the current one in IF, his lyrics are kinda deformed