Royal Air Maroc 747-400 (It is real)
It exists. Strange, isn’t it?


Not really (I already knew it).
Why should it be strange?

I always thought Royal Air Maroc was a smaller airline.

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RAM also flies to JFK

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I knew that.

Nothing off about this. Other airlines like Kuwait Airways maintain just 1 747

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So if it is doing international flights (Morroco is not close to the US), why did you think it was Small?

Why should it be strange? If you know they Fly to JFK, why are you suprised to see their 744? They won’t fly their 737 from Casablanca to JFK 😂

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  1. I knew they had the 787
  2. Xiamen, Norwegian air Shuttle, and Royal Brunei operate the 787, and they aren’t major global airlines.
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They fly a 787-8 (Formerly 767-300ER) to JFK not their 747-400.

To find where the 747 flies find the reg and google it, click on FR24 or FlightAware’s website

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Yes. I never said they fly the 744 to JFK :))

Isn’t it Montreal-Casablanca?

I saw it in CDG

It flies to YUL according to FR24

Yeah. I saw the same. CYUL-GMMN for flightaware.

Thats the onl airline ive seen that writes arabic allover the plane

Stop making over generalizations.

Airlines sometimes write on their fuselage using their native language, whatever it may be. Arabic is no exception

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On the opposite side of the plane there is English I believe

Pretty much all M.E airlines has Arabic writings, from Emirates to Air Arabia to Al Maha

Even more proof: Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar have Arabic writing. Look at their livery.