Royal Air Force VA


I’m Joshua and I’d like to welcome you to the page of RAFVA. We are based on be Bristish Royal Air Force. We currently operate all fighters in game and also the C-130s. We will run formation flights as well as combat missions and we will be hopeful hosting quarterly air shows. We are looking for senior roles.
Currently available senior roles:
-Deputy Air Commander
-Cheif Air Marshell
-Air Marshell (x2)
-Operation Commander
-Operations Cheif
-Squadron leaders(x5)

Contact me for a job

I think you need to be TL2 to create a VA.

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Sorry but I am afraid that @SirPilotOfAviation is correct.
To create a VA you must be at least Trust Level two or higher. For information regarding this please click here. In the meant time you may still plan your VA whilst making infrastructure including websites but you may not recruit on the IFC. Moderators please close and good luck @Joshua_Bayes_Green

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