Royal Air Force to Close Two Airbases.

The Royal Air Force is the world oldest independent air force, currently celebrating its 100th year with parades and the largest fly past in it’s history. Displaying 100 aircraft spanning from over 60 years of its history, the fly past saw the entire force represented from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in it’s Hurricanes, Spitfires and Lancaster bomber to my beloved E-3D, Voyager, Typhoon and our newest jet - the F35.

Hidden behind all that, 2 airbases have been announced for closure. RAF Linton-on-Ouse and RAF Scampton have been named to shut their gates for the final time in the near future, forcing the Red Arrows to find a new home. But where?

With parking spaces and airfield operational capacity nearing the brim, inexperienced and undermanned control towers teamed with a lack of investment in infrastructure the question of where to place them is on everyone’s lips.

Where would you place such an iconic and skilled group of pilots? Would you like to seem them practising in the skies over your home, or would you prefer to see them stick to their Lincolnshire home and relocate somewhere nearby?

BBC News link to main story.

Red Arrows RAF Scampton air base to be sold off - BBC News

Let me know your thoughts! Mags.

Probably didn’t really need to reply then… 👍😂😂


Scampton going!!! My house is in the glide slope for the scampton runways and a free air show was always nice

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