Rovers Trip: *Episode 1*

Hello! My name is Yenni passionate by Aviation
This is the Episode 1 of a beautiful series named Rovers Trip
This series will talk about Nasa Mars Missions

Mars Exploration Rovers

In 2004 2 robotic cute rovers named Opportunity (oppy) and Spirit. These were the most advanced robots for its time.

Spirit launched in June 2003
Opportunity launched in July 2003

-opportunity and spirit 185kg send in mars in January 2004. The voyage from Earth to Mars is approximately 1 year. Opportunity has 6 wheels powered by an electric engine, this electric Battery is charging by solar panels and hibernating during events such as dust storms to save power. Each wheel has its own motor, the vehicle is steered at front and rear and was designed to operate safely at tilts of up to 30 degrees. Maximum speed is 5 centimeters per second (2.0 in/s) although average speed was about a fifth of this (0.89 centimeters per second (0.35 in/s)). Solar arrays generate about 140 watts for up to fourteen hours per sol. Opportunity uses an onboard computer 25Mhz RAD6000.

Communications are made possible by low-gain antenna communicating at a low data rate and a steerable high-gain antenna, both in direct contact with Earth.

High precision tech
Pancam: examines the texture, color, mineralogy, and structure of the terrain
NavCam: monochrome with a higher field of view but lower resolution, for navigation .
MiniTes: identifies promising rocks and regolith for closer examination, and determines the processes that formed them.
HazCam: two B&W cameras with 120 degree field of view, that provide additional data about the surroundings.
The cameras produce 1024-pixel by 1024-pixel images.


Some pictures of Opportunity point of view

image image image

Trip of Spirit

Spirit made 7km or 4.8 miles, March 7 2005 a sandstorm recover the solar panels of spirit and the cameras making him inactive and drop battery from 93 percent to 60 percent but the 9 probably at night the winds clean the solar panels and the hole system, spirit is now recovered. During 2006 the right front wheel ceased operation making him even slower.

On December 17, 2009 right front wheel ceased operation on.
On May 1 2009 the rover get stuck into a soft sand operation team from earth tried months and months to get spirit out but on january 2010 Nasa decided to make spirit a stationary research The last communication with the rover was March 22, 2010 the battery was so low that the air conditioning to keep the system warm stopped.

What now?
Spirit still silent at its location called Troy. Sad no?
The rover seems to be totally off maybe gone to a deep sleep trying to recharge its battery
Its possible that the rover experienced a mission clock fault so spirit may lost the track of time anyway Spirit is still parked at troy waiting for the deep…

But oppy the other rover still alive during 14 years.

Trip of Oppy
Oppy made 47Km or 28 miles

Opportunity Has been a great contribution to Mars discovery
He discovered a wide range of rocks, a potential water activity on mars Opportunity also contributed to astronomical observation
From April to June 2005, Opportunity was lodged in a sand dune, with some wheels buried into the sand. Over six week period, Earth-based physical simulations were made to decide the best to extract the rover from the sand. Successful maneuvering .which resumed its travels.

A very very sad day

In june 2018 Oppy (opportunity( entered a big sand storm recovering the hole solar panels system. Oppy send communication every 3 days to earth base. Oppy entered a hibernating mode it can stays couple weeks in this mode. after this opportunity doesn’t have enough power to maintain communication after the storm Oppy did not wake up and His last words been My battery is low and its getting dark i cried even if its a robot
Oppy is parked at endeavour crater waiting for deep too…
credit to wikipedia
Nasa website
for all images


Hope you enjoy guys

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That was a pretty cool presentation. It’s crazy to think about what we send up in space. 😏

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But its sad that we lost friends ;c

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Its like if we sent a human in mars

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