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He ya’al, I am newer to infinite flight pro, and am interested in some routes to fly, international or domestic. I have flown the more classic routes (Paris-New York, London-Houston) with the big airlines (Air France, United). I would like to do a route to Princess Juliana or some flight to Asia. Also, I would prefer to use the 787 family, and no Airbus planes. Thanks you guys.

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HKG-LHR British Airways 777-200 or 777-300, you can also use the 787-9 or 747-400. Should take about 12 hours, depending on the winds.

San-Lhr British airways 787-9 or 777-200

Irl they are flying the a35K but we don’t have that

I used to live in San Diego and I fondly remember watching a 747-400 British Airways landing there after we came back from a trip to San Fransisco.

Depending on the flight time you are looking for there is plenty of routes into HKG that are stunning, you could try Hong Kong to Mumbai on the Cathay B777-300ER or maybe Hong Kong to Addis Ababa via Bangkok on the Ethiopian B787-8

Nice! My mom flew on it once when I used to live there

Alright perfect, I prefer the 787, I don’t love the 777

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My favorite are Delta Airlines Routes since my dad works for them and is the top employee at delta but here are some I have done in real life and many more so give them a try in IF

Newark to Amsterdam (EWR-AMS)**–767-300

Boston to Bermuda (BOS-BDA)**–737-800

Portland, Oregon to Tokyo (PDX-NRT)**–767-300–330-200

Raleigh to Paris (RDU-CDG)**–757-200

New Orleans to Cancun (MSY-CUN)**–A319

Seattle to London (SEA-LHR)**–330-900

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Those are some of the best!

Thank you everyone! :)

UCFM-OEJN with the Air Manas A220-300 is a great and very diverse route.

Try to fly from Singapore to somewhere in Europe (maybe Zurich so that you can use the Swiss’ B777, it’s about 12/13 hours)

I’d also recommend that you fly from Auckland to Hong Kong in the Air New Zealand’s B789! It’s a nice flight!

Hope this helps! 😉

u can do also JFK or EWR to Tel Aviv on El Al 787. Its about 11 hours and a half

I’m currently doing Amsterdam to DCA

Does dca have international service?

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