Routes to fly?

Hi guys! Thank you for the latest support but now i need you to ask a question? Im wondering what routes i should make? I want an short and commercinal route that is not to long and to short.

Maybe have a look here?:) Tons of routes, with many different lengths:)

If you’re in Training sever their a high possible ATC at KLAX to KSFO about 1:20 Hours

lol I’d rather do that on casual… ATC on TS is so bad

You should try Auckland to Queenstown. Love that beautiful scenery.

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Sometimes not always i seen pro ATC sometimes too

A good route you should try is KSEA-PAJN. It’s not long but also not too short. It has great scenery throughout the whole flight.

Thank you guys for your suggestions :D
Im happy that you wanted to help me :)


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