Routes that have realism to it

Hello mates, I was wondering if anybody knows any airlines that we have in infinite flight Of course

only operate a short route with a 777

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To add realism

If you’re looking for a short route with a 777 I would suggest Emirates and to look around on FR24

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British Airways operate the 777W on EGLL-LEMD, approximately a 2 hour flight. Emirates fly from Dubai to Bahrain which is about 1:30.


And maybe a 787

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American Airlines operates a 787 from KDFW to KORD

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Depends on the time frame, but you can try:

  • TAPA -> TKPK, British Airways Boeing 777-200ER, approx. 15 minutes.

  • TAPA -> TTCP, British Airways Boeing 777-200ER, approx. 1 hour

  • TAPA -> MBPV, British Airways Boeing 777-200ER, approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

As for a B787, I’m not sure.

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I know Cathay Pacific has some short routes out of Hong Kong with a B77W

In terms of ‘short’ routes that are operated by the 777, Asia is one of your choices!

  • Korean Air
    RKSS-RKPC, 777-200ER (Domestic / Busiest air route in the world)

  • Japan Airlines
    RJTT-RJCC, RJOO, RJFF, 777-200ER (One of the most ‘Premium’ domestic routes, often operated by a 3-cabin configured 77E with First, Business, and Economy for only a 1~2 hour flight)

  • Cathay Pacific
    VHHH-RKSI, RCTP, ZBAA, ZSPD, VTBS, RPLL, WSSS, etc…, 777-300ER (Best route if you want to have a hint of First Class!)

Here’s some I have flown in the past. Use to find most flights.

  • Korean Air Boeing 777-200 from Narita or Osaka into Seoul.

  • Emirates Sky Cargo 777-200F from Maastricht to Frankfurt.

  • China Cargo 777-200F from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

There was one short flight to narita in a Ana 787. I think it was about an hour and a half. If only I remembered the airport I departed from

The very short route of Emirates with the 777 is (LEMD-OMDB)
Its so beautiful that route!

Air India operates a few short routes with the 788 such as Amritsar to Delhi, which is only around 1 or 2 hours.

Other than that, the 777, A330, and 787 are used for many short routes within Asia. For example, All Nippon operates the 777 and 787 a lot for inter-Japan flights, like Fukuoka to Tokyo, Tokyo to Osaka, etc.
Japan Airlines does the same as All Nippon. Singapore Airlines uses their A333s on short routes as well, such as Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, and their 777s on flights like Singapore to Jakarta.

In the Middle East, Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar use large aircraft on short routes as well. Qatar operates the 788 from Doha to Muscat, Emirates flies the 777 between Dubai and Muscat, and Etihad flies the 789 between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

Callsign please

Callsign please


I meant Amritsar. But the flight’s callsign is AI113

Thanks 🙏 I’ll check that

Ethiopian airlines with 787-8 ENGM- ESSA
It is a 30 minnutes short flight betwen Norway and sweden

United flies the ORD-EWR during peak with the 787-10

I am quite sorry. A mistake was made here.

  • Route: Emirates Sky Cargo B777-2F from Maastricht to Frankfurt.

Callsign: UAE9478.