Routes of the Day

Hello. I decided to make a new topic where I find good routes each day in conjunction with the IFATC schedule. Basically, I will post 4 routes each day with the following lengths: Puddle Hopper (<45 mins), Short haul (45 mins-2 hr), Medium haul (2-5 hr), and Long haul (5+ hr).

Today’s routes:
Puddle Hopper: CYUL-CYQB (40 min) Air Canada or WestJet DH8D.
Short Haul: CYYZ-CYUL (1 hr) Any Canadian airline and plane.
Medium Haul: LFPG-BIKF (3 hr) Iceland Air B757, WOW A320.
Long Haul: BIKF-CYYZ (5 hr) Iceland Air B757, Air Canada B738M (Generic B738)

We already have an official list of Routes, feel free to suggest them there so a Regular can add it to the list.


This thread is different though. These are daily routes, and they are in conjunction with the IFATC schedule.

I don’t see much of a difference. Honestly the one Chief made is good as is. We don’t need more, if you’d like to submit a route then you may do it on that topic, thank you.

And I’m pretty sure most people know what routes to fly.

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Yeah I’m gonna delete this. Wasn’t thinking about that.

It just sounded like a good idea in my head.

A moderator can close this now.

At first glance all suggestions sounds great, but give it some thought and you’ll find the flaws…

Next time, give it a second thought, and maybe ask Regular or Mod if a topic this is necessary.

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