ROUTES LONG ROUTES or something to give me XP

Hey guys I have been here a few months now and me and a friend who has just joined are wanting to get our XP up without doing endless touch and goes!!!

Anybody suggest an overnight long haul route and good weight levels, plane etc or anybody got a better idea!

Basically I am 17000XP and I want to get to grade 3 within the next few long haul flights. Any suggestions also to lift XP on my normal flight.

Also quick question: Do you get XP for controlling???

@Chris_S sorry if this is the wrong place I was slightly unsure


You can do touch and goes for mass XP.

I highly would recommend PADK in a C208

Also you don’t get XP for controlling


XP is calculated by time and landings so either do touch and goes or go for a long flight

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oh cheers guys I will just hopefully fly forever with a few pit stops along the way

just round and round

see you next month. lol

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@Balloonchaser why do you say there???

I may do a bit of touch and goes though

Also can your XP on a flight be affected by violations just wondering

Check these out for route suggestions:


wow thanks (-: I will work through them

Check that out for Pattern Work Airports (Lots of XP)

If you opt for pattern work, look for an airport with gusty winds…you will get more XP in windy conditions…plus you get the landing count up. One of the many reasons why I like the Pacific island airports…

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oh cheers @Grizpac

would I get XP if I have live but do it on solo

You do not get XP on solo mode.

Just do it on Casual… You won’t get Anything from Solo

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ok thanks I will pick from the best I see. Anybody can direct me to info about the longest possible route on IF?

thinking 20h non-stop???

You should do DOHA-AUCKLAND

Check the log book…

Also, a lot of your questions can be answered via forum search functionality.

Have fun flying the long hauls!

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how long is it? @Norshuttle909

16 hours and you get 10 000 XP

cool will try it…

25 minutes in the pattern with winds of 30G45kts will give you 12,500xp. 😉