Routes lol

what is this doing there. Is that a Easter egg or pure coincidence on this Air France 77W


A reg like that would make no sense in real life, so that seems 100% like an Easter egg.


Yea lol. I agree.


Looks like Laura slipped in her flagship route. Nice catch. :)


I love how the devs always flip in these little treats and Easter eggs for us to find. Always gives me a good laugh when I see one.


thanks lol

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bruh i wanted to fly her to pointe noire in congo

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what do you mean?

I want to fly this plane from Paris to Pointe noire so the af 77w does not only fly to jfk

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Oh ok. Makes sense.

Now someone needs to fly “the Laura route”


Yup lol…

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Haha, that’s interesting, didn’t notice that.

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There’s at least another one like that, a special reg…

I’ll let you find it

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Hmm, I wonder whats the reg.

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It’s just a thing you can find in a beta
Not a route tho but maybe someone copy pasted too quickly

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Oh ok, imma check that out after my flight from Anchorage to Incheon on the Boeing B777F, Im about 1900 nm away.

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The Qatar B77L?

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It’s gone now, I guess

Check the other wing