Routes I should Fly

Hey Guys so i am running out of idea of routes to fly for streaming and just groups and more. Do you guys have any suggestions i should fly If so please let me know.

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There are many routes that are so perfect. Down below is a link to 2 route databases, give them a little look!

Personally, anywhere with mountains, maybe the Himalayas or Rocky Mountains. Maybe use the X Cub and go to smaller airports within mountain ranges!

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Ok thank you!

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You’re welcome!

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EDDM-KCLT, LH428 is one you should fly.

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O I will do that for sure. Thanks for the suggestion!

See if you can top my max speed of 661kts at 40,000 feet. I was so close to going Mach 1.

Challenge accepted does it have to be that route or at anytime/route?

No restriction on route, I just wanna see if anyone can top it :)

Good luck

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Thank you sir

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Need to do DXB to YVR. But need for go west not est. Need to flight on France

With 777 of Air Canada

KSEA-EHAM A339 using a delta livery

Ok will do it for my next long haul

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I like that route I will do it as soon as I can.

And of course ping me when you will do the post of if 😂

Ok Will do.

Yea especially flying over greenland

I will be honest I have never flown over Greenland in IF so it will be my first time

KJFK-EDDM {i recommend 747-sofia}

OTHH-EGLL ( for Qatar airways go with A380/A350/B777-200LR)
(for British airways go with 787-9)

OTHH-LTFM ( for turkish airlines A330/A321)
(for Qatar airways A321/A350/B777-300ER)

KBOS-KSFO { i recommend 737 series}

KLAX-KDEN { i recommend DC-10F USAF }

Enjoy :)

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For a short route, I suggest Cairo to Doha. It will be nice cause it is not too long of a route. I think your viewers will join you when you fly cause the route is short and sweet.
Route: Cairo (HECA) - Doha (OTHH)
Aircraft: Airbus a350-900/Boeing 787-8/Boeing 777-300ER Qatar Airways

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