Routes for new Alaskan A320

I really want to fly the new Alaskan A320 but don’t know any routes it flies. Could you please comment a few routes for the A320 in the Alaskan livery and Alaskan routes that use the A320.

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KSEA-KSFO is one of the them.😀

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Ah ok thank you!!! 👍👍

You can take any of the Virgin America routes with the Alaska a320. I know they operate these two routes with the a320 KSFO-KLAX, KLAS-KLAX.


KSFO-KLAS is one, I see them all the time!


Every flight that is operated by a Virgin America A320 could (and is) be operated by an Alaskan one, realistically speaking.

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KSEA-KSJC could work.

KSJC is not far south from the popular KSFO

KSFO stealing all the attention 😂

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Literally any Alaska Airlines or Virgin America route.

KSEA-KLAX, KSEA-KSFO, KSEA-PHNL, KSEA-PANC, there are so many more, and you could always look at routes on FR24 and FlightAware.

Use Flightradar24 and filter Alaska and the A320 family. Then just select the aircraft you’re interested in. Here’s just the west coast:


I never knew FlightRadar24 could do that! :O

KSAN-KSFO is a nice and short route to do

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Have they painted any more in that livery or is 625VA still the only one

If one has sharklets you can do LAX/SFO-HNL/OGG


Just do former Virgin America routes😉 Nuff said.


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