Routes for Korean Air

Can someone tell me where I can find the destionations of different Aircrafts of Korean Air for my VA :)

I would use google, look for their route network…

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I already did, but they didn’t mention which routes belongs to which aircraft.

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Try using,and I reccomend going here. It says departure times and aircraft used,and you can also find altitude,speed and other information.

Google ‘Korean Air Routes’, click images and you’ve got it.

Yeah, I’ve already got those but which route does which aircraft fly?

Flightrader is your friend! You can search for all the flights and see which aircraft fly each routes. You will have to make your own data base from there. Good luck.


Yes that’s the one. You can search for flights by each airline then go on from there.

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ok, thank you very much!

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Sometimes I find a bit easier to use.

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Using this, you can specify your google search, because you know that a specific route exists. Usually a flightradar24 link comes up in your search that tells you the aircraft used.

Everything you need is here :-)

Thank you very much!