Routes Flown in Global

Hey Guys! Its been a wile since I have posed on this forum. As some of you many know, I have went to China 2 months ago for 2 months. After I got back, I was pretty busy with school and stuff. If you hate me and want to to go away, im sorry. I will also have some real world aviation topics coming soon


But I am back and so hyped for global just like everyone else. Thanks to the amazing work put in by FDS.

I created this topic for people to share the routes they have flown and will fly:) Comment bellow!

Please do not spam this. You can post one daily and list all the routes you will fly!


Have done / currently flying :
Denver (KDEN) to Salt Lake CIty (KSLC)

Plan to do:
Dalian Zhoushuizi (ZYTL) to Beijing Capital (ZBAA)
Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) to Seoul Incheon (RKSI)
Los Angeles (KLAX) to San Francisco (KSFO)
Chicago (KORD) to Detroit (KDTW)
Shenzhen Bao’an (ZGSZ) to Xiamen Gaoqi (ZSAM)
Fuzhou Changle (ZSFZ) to Taipei Taoyuan (RCPT)
… and Many more!

Share your thoughts bellow -------->

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Nice post! Had a very fun first global flight


What route did you fly :)?

I tried to fly from KLAN to KSDF but failed upon landing due to overcrowding in servers

What is up with this? lol

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I went from Andrews AFB to New York.

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MUHA-KMIA In an American 738, replicating my first flight IRL. :)

So far I’ve completed:

KLAS (Las Vegas) to KSFO (San Francisco)
KSFO to KLAX (Los Angeles)

Currently in the air:

KLAX to KJFK (New York)


KSFO to DEL (New Delhi, India)


CYUL to ZBAA in ACA 789

I flew lax to sfo today and that was it.
But I plan tonight to fly from KLAX-YSSY

Completed: KLGA-TXKF in a Southwest 737-700
Currently flying: KATL-KSLC in a Frontier A320
Nothing short of amazing so far!