Routes and airlines

What are some of your favorite routes to fly with what airlines? Im kinda stuck on what routes I should fly.

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Here you can find really cool routes

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I fly the Delta 737 (800/900). The routes just depend. To find routes for a particular aircraft, I usually go to google flights and search the route I want, then I’ll make sure the aircraft I want to fly is servicing the route. From there, I’ll plan for the flight. The other alternative is to look at the scheduled departures of the desired departure, and find a route and make sure that the aircraft you want to fly is flying it. Here are some examples…

☝🏾 Here is the example for google flights. The aircraft for the route is a 737 (more than likely the 900er) and the departure airport is ATL, which is my desired departure airport. (Or you could say my base)

☝🏾 In this example, I went to FlightRadar24. I went to the desired departure airport, clicked on the dropped pin, go to departures, then find a flight that interests me. As you can see, this particular flight goes to Newark via Atlanta on the 737-800

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