Route Suggestions

If you’re bored in Infinite Flight and don’t know where to fly, continue reading this post. Here, I’ll show you a few routes I recommend you fly, from my previous experiences.

1- Kathmandu to Paro
This route is great if you’d like a challenge at takeoff and landing. With the manual flying needed upon leaving Kathmandu to the visual approach in a valley at Paro, it’s a great experience. So, get on board your Drukair A319 and enjoy the flight :)

2- Amsterdam to Innsbruck
From the bustling capital to the complicated landing at this famous winter sports temple. With another complicated landing amidst a valley, it’s another cool place to add to your list of places you’ve flown to. In a 737-800 with a Transavia livery, fly those few hours down there and enjoy!

3- Rio to Paris
This route has a special place in my heart because I’ve already flown it in real life, and it’s from my hometown! It also has a cool duration for a during-the-day flight. With the amazing 777-300ER, this route can be flown in about 10-11 hours.

4- Perth to Sydney
For some reason, I think this transcontinental Australian route is quite cool, with the Qantas A330. It’s got a decent duration of about 5 hours, and 2 decent airports. So yeah, spawn into Perth and enjoy the flight :)

5- Auckland to Queenstown
Yes, I’m a simp for tricky landings. It’s another one between mountains, with no NAV for an APPR landing and a rather thin and short runway, it’s quite a nice flight. It takes approximately 1:40 in an Air New Zealand A320 and is pretty enjoyable.

6- São Paulo to Rio
Ayy, another route that I’ve flown! It’s the famous “air bridge” here in Brazil, with like 40 flights leaving for São Paulo from Rio’s infamous Santos Dumont airport, which is the one I recommend you fly to. It has a bit of a tricky approach, with a curve over the Rio-Niterói bridge when landing at RWY20 (Quite a short runway BTW) and another one when landing at the other end, to avoid the Sugar Loaf hill. I suggest you fly it in a GOL 737-800, and from São Paulo Congonhas, to Santos Dumont. So, yeah, enjoy that flight!

7- Singapore to Newark
My longest flight up to date, and a great experience. From 2 giant financial centers, in a Singapore Airlines A350, you can link both cities in about 17 and a half hours, and it’s a great experience.

8- Riga to Paris
Another route to Paris, in the rather new A220, with the beautiful airBaltic livery. The flight has a solid duration, nice facilities at the airports and an enjoyable “vibe”. Sure do recommend it.

9- New Haven to Orlando
With the recent Avelo Airlines livery, it was one of the best flights I did in the US, because of the connections and procedures at Orlando, the cool plane, and the duration. I really recommend this route with the 737-800 in the Avelo livery.

10- San Francisco to Manila
That flight is really memorable to me, because it was for some time the longest I ever did. From morning to evening, that flight was rolling, for about 13 hours and 50-something minutes, in the Philippine Airlines 777-300ER, I was in the air.

So, yeah, that’s about it. I’ve probably got a few more deep in my mind, but they’ve not come up while I’ve typed this. Anyway, I hope I’m able to help someone cure themselves from boredom with this list, and that you all, the community, are well and healthy :D


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