Route Suggestions?

I’m Now A Youtuber That Plays The Game, And I Could Really Use Your Help To Give Me Some Suggested Flights To Post! Don’t Forget To Sub!

Ex: Departure: KJFK (John F Kennedy)
Arrival: KLAX (Los Angeles)
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Livery: Delta Airlines


Departure: KLAX (Los Angeles)
Arrival: KHAF (Half Moon Bay)
Aircraft: CRJ-200
Livery: Generix

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Departure: DTAA (Tunis Carthage)
Arrival: LFBD (Bordeaux Merignac)
Aircraft: A319-112ER
Airline: Tunisair

I’m Asking For Your Suggestion, Not The Web’s

Wait, does the CRJ-200 even have that range?

Departure: KMCO
Arrival: KCLT
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200
Airline: American Airlines
Callsign: American 2940

Why make a new topic when the other one was closed because people put the route suggestions threads and there’s so many routes it’d take forever to fly them all. Don’t make duplicate topics:) Because they all end up the same as the one that was closed.


I’m Asking For Your Thoughts

Yep I did it myself only a 2hr flight

Darn… you could do LHBP-OMAA

Wizzair A321-200

Well dupe topics aren’t needed :)

Look at the reply Seb gave in the old one.

Hello there!

Many of our thoughts can be found in a beautiful big bundle in the topic I have linked below. 😊

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I’m Asking For YOUR Thoughts

But… these are our thoughts… just take a look at the link above.

I saw the link before I started this thread

  • American Airlines 787-9 Seattle to Bangalore
  • United Airlines 787-9 Chicago to Tel Aviv
  • Delta Air Lines A350-900 Cape Town to Atlanta

Then this thread is very unnecessary. Your question was answered before you asked it. Not to mention you already made threads like this.

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OK, Say “Yes” If You Like This Thread

The linked thread is a very well done thread and has lots of routes from short medium long and ultra long hauls from lots of different places I highly recommend you check it or check this website out where it has a random flight generator Infinite Flight FPL Converter

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Please look at the thread linked here, which shows much of what you’re looking for.