Route Suggestions

Can someone give me LAX routes about 8000nm? I ran out of flight ideas.

Flights out of LAX I already looked at the websites that say nonstops but none are not my type.

Hey! You can use to generate a random flight

There’s no non stops that long from LAX There’s few IRL as well, some being WSSS-KEWR singapore A359 OTHH-NZAA Qatar 777-200LR and a few others or if 16 hours is too long SAEZ-EGLL BA 777-200ER is a really good site to find flights from a certain airport.

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Didn’t you already ask the same question in the linked topic below?


There aren’t many IRL routes with lenghs like this.

You will be pushing your plane to it’s maximums, so to have extra fuel I would recommend flying East, as this is where global winds usually blow. Try something South of Sahara in Africa like Addis Abeba, Australian North or something around Malaysia and Singapore, although keep in mind the winds.

I like my long hauls I just returned to LAX

This map shows 8000 nautical miles out of LAX.


The shaded area is out of the 8000nmi range.

If your aircraft can reach it, I’d suggest flying to/from Perth, Luanda, Bangalore, Colombo, or Jakarta.

Maybe use this link.

The random flight generator found on is a great resource as mentioned here by Ed. With about 40,000+ airports, it should take quite some time to run out of ideas. What I do is open up a map, move the mouse around and continue to zoom in until I find an airport nearest my mouse. That’s my version of choosing a random starting point. 😁

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