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Hello IFC. Currently I’m looking for your help in finding another route to do that puts me on this leaderboard for longest narrow body flights ZR Second Contest Event [EXTENDED]. I currently have a couple on there for the A320 (one is the record longest but wasn’t able to be put on the list ZR Second Contest Event [EXTENDED] - #7 by nincombop) so I’m looking for your help to find another flight to do. It can be with any aircraft as long as it’s a narrow body. Thanks

Are you searching for an IRL route or anything long?

General (recommended) routes can be found in many posts on the forum (e.g.:

No. I’m just searching for a route of 3500nm+ to do with the A318/19/20 or 737s.

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VHHH-YBBN in the A321

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Take the 737 BBJ i think it is, thing has like 15+ hours of range, i believe @Koby_Thomas did a 16 hour flight in it or something like that

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Here are a few of my favourite routs! (Short)
KSFO-Rough Vally Field Medford (forgot the airport code) tricky approach but fun
And all of the routs are 15-30 minutes of cruise time

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Here’s a goodie. Prior to the MAX grounding, Norwegian ran daily MAX 8 flights from my local KSWF to EIDW. You could probably run it with the -800 if you reduce pax and cargo enough.

Cape Town - Kuwait City 🔥🔥 8 hour flight you can do it on the 737 BBJ

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