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Good evening IFC! I only have 10 flights left until I am Grade 3 and have access to the Expert Server.

In honor of that, I had the idea that I would take 10 route recommendations from people, and do flight reports! If anyone would like me to do a flight report for one of their routes, just say so here!

Hello! I have two route recommendations for you. One is KMCO-KSJU jetBlue a320. The other is KCLT-TXKF American a320. I like flying both of those routes, and I hopw you will too. Good luck making it to the expert server! P.S. I’d appreciate it if you poated pictures and/or video of you doing both of those routes.


SJC-PSP is nice

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yea, definitely! My flight reports consist of screenshots I take throughout the flight. When I complete a flight report, I’ll link the thread here!

LPPT - LPMA is a one. The landing is challenging. You can watch some videos on youtube to see.
NTTB - NFFN for a great tropical flight.

London Heathrow (EGLL) - Calgary (CYYC)

It’s not the most amazing but takes you over Greenland and Iceland as well as stunning northern Canada.

I’ve flown this route countless times in real life and on IF.

It’s my go to flight when I don’t know what other route to fly.

It’s around 8 hours 30 depending on the winds.

Also got family who live in Calgary so always just think I’m flying them home or here.

WestJet and Air Canada both use the B789 from Heathrow.
British Airways used to fly this route with the B788 & B789.

Westjet also operate to and from Gatwick.
Air Transat use to fly the A330 from Gatwick.

I would recommend you to have a look at the above topic.

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Feel free to continue in the thread linked above