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Hey IF community I need Route recommendations they can be short haul, medium haul, long haul or the big one ultra long haul. Please include in your recommendation the route of course, Type of Aircraft, Livery and Flight time. A route is optional.

Thank you all

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My favourite route ive done so far is:
(Ill use city names not ICAO codes)

A220 AirBaltic special livery.
Flight time: around 2.30 hours

Reason: it has awesome scenery while approaching Amsterdam from that side because its awesome to see how the Netherlands has built those islands to battle water. Really recommend

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Two really nice short flights from Phoenix are:

Phoenix - Flagstaff
American: CRJ9 or CRJ7

Phoenix - Palm Springs
American: Any CRJ, A320, 737-800
Southwest: Any 737

Both are under an hour

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Oooooh! interesting I’ll have to try that flight.

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brilliant I love short haul routes any longhauls?

After searching in my brain, I find a beautiful route who i have done :

Route: London to Male (EGLL to VRMM)

Plane : B777-300Er

Livery: BA

Flight time: around 10:45 hours or more, if you have front or back wind …

Reason (s) for fly that route?:
First, Heathrow if the airport have atc when you will want to fly this route, you will be happy to see others planes right?
And second, approaching Male is an incredible moment in Infinite flight because of the blue cyan water and other ;) .

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Yea its nice :)

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OOOOOOH! need to do that!

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