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Hi, i just opened this this topic because i am trying to find a colaborator in my project. I´ve already programmed this route planner with every airport and i am searching for someone who is interested in opening an website for this or including it in his

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Nice idea. How would this work? :)

does it need a paid domain? I own alot but none IF related

You don’t need a paid domain to build a website.

its a question I know however weebly is incredibly unprofessional

000webshostapp is what I use for my website. I’m planning to upgrade, but it is very good.

you choose your starting airport and arrival airport. Then some route appear like: “route that gives you more xp” something like that. You then choose your route and it gives you Waypoints and other info. Something like that. Then with global flight it will include charts for arrival and departure. But this is the first idea

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Sounds interesting. I suggest you do it on your own, and use 000 web hosting to put it up for free. :)

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@Lolo31R continue this in pm with me please

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