Route patterns in Live

Recently I have seen more and more of these patterns that people fly around airports.

Does anyone know a handy way to form these patterns? E.g. is there a trick or program to make these waypoint look like shown in the images?

Hope I can find the answer here.


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Usaully people use these when they plan on sleeping in, it just takes dedication and skills. (Unless someone else has some other way)

Umm, I wonder if they overslept and missed their landing and therefore flying around, at a high speed as they missed a waypoint and now the A/P is trying to cover it but is unable due to the speed they are traveling at… :/

But, it looks beautiful though. Like a flower 🌹


I think that is exactly what happend.


That’s what happened most likely, i’ve seen many people who missed their descend and ultimately their landing, ending up in a circle, and each time they make art happen ;)

It’s quite the beautiful sight to see these patterns being created :)

Unintentional but yet so gorgeous.

Sometimes…, “Your Mistakes Can Lead To Beautiful Things” 😉


Yeah. When planning routes I usually try not to make to sharp of a turn.

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Alright, but does anyone know how to set up route to make this happen? What parameters are needed?

Cause i usually keep flying in a straight line after I overshoot destination.

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You just need to have a really sharp turn once at the end of your flightplan and be at cruise altitude. Be warned that we, as IFATC, don’t like it when planes circle around the airport that we’re contolling, especially when it’s busy. You won’t get ghosted for it, but I’d suggest trying it out onan airport that isn’t in the daily region and check it out on liveflight. Happy pattern creation ;)

But my mistakes lead me to gaining 6 violations! D:



There’s no guarantee that you mistakes are gonna be beautiful masterpieces, sometimes you end up with 6 violations and spend the week thereafter with taxiing through others and nose diving -4000fpm… cough TS cough

Remember i said “Can”, that means it can, but most likely won’t 😜

Yeah, after I received the violations a few weeks ago, I didn’t play IF for a week XD


Neither would I 😂

Or you could take your plane for a spin like these guys on the main post, make some art, just don’t run out fuel though ;)

From time to time I will internationaly put a tight turn a ways out since it will keep me there if there is traffic coming home from school, or oversleeps, etc…


Don’t worry guys, I wasn’t planning on doing this on Expert Server 😂😅

Would you mind making a screenshot anytime soon so I can understand how that turn/angle looks like? Would be greatly appreciated 😇


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