Route Indication under Callsign and Display name

So Ive gotten this idea while flying CYYZ-KJFK as a I saw a fellow with his display name as KLGA-CYYZ. So you know how when we are mid flight and we just get bored so we look at other peoples callsigns and routes and see where they go? Why don’t we just add a extra row on the display tag above your aircraft so you tell other people where your going without them having to go to their map. People can change their route the same way you change your callsign and name This shouldn’t be hard to implement but im not a dev. Although it is very minor it would be nice to have. Please comment if you think this is a good idea and ask me any questions you have :)

Here’s a okayish example but it gets the point across

This really isn’t needed. If you want people to know where you’re going, then just put it as your display name. Simple as that. You can always look at someone’s flight plan or use LiveFlight to see their destination airport as well.


i don’t know about this but it is already displayed in your information in IF

You mean this?

Not sure having more things on the screen would help out with app peformance.


I think its a suggestion but i don’t think people would want that because its already there in your user info in IF gobal as a flight plan

I might change my vote if I could see a example of the plane in the air in a busy area with the route indication, not on the ground.

@DeerCrusher, pretty sure OP is not talking about adding it to the map. That’s cray cray.

I like it, I don’t know what you are all on about.

I couldn’t remember what airport that was so I just put in a generic route.


Yeah. Like that but on the aircraft itself.

It’s relatively minor, but I guess it’s worth a shot in the game in my opinion. I’m fine with it in.


Maybe we could have an option to see what info is displayed above aircraft just like in FR24. For example, I don’t want to see display name, but routes. Someone else might prefer minimalism and choose to see only callsigns.


That would be a good idea. Have it in the Live sections of settings.

I like it but I have no votes

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I would like to bump this again, as now we have the routes in the map, and it seems as it could be simple for developers to add in, relative to other projects the IF devs have/are working on.

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Bumped after 2 years. Feel free to remake to today’s standards.