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Hi, I am proud to say that I am a Central Floridian. Therefore, I like to make the majority of my flights out of my home airport KMCO. I have to questions: One, can I get some short-haul and medium-haul flight suggestions flying in or out of there. Two, I would love to see it in 3D in a future update. Thanks!


Hello there! I’d recommend MCO to Boston, as it’s a nice 2:30ish JetBlue flight. You could also take a flight to the Caribbean, Orlando-San Juan.

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KMCO - KNAS is scenic

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I’ve flown the Puerto Rico one before, and almost the Boston one too. Both IRL, but I have yet to try it in IF. Thanks for your suggestion!

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You can fly a flight to Key West. Types of aircraft are CRJs, ERJs and Boeing 737-700s. Maybe a A319 can fly there.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it.


@Waxyscorpion308 I have one
Carribbean Airlines B738
Air Canada,Air Transat,Westjet,Delta
Airbus Boieng Many more options

MCO to FLL on a Southwest 737 or Spirt A320

KMCO-KDTW would be a good one!

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If I may, I’d like to introduce an awesome tool which provides the exact information you’re after. It’s called FlightConnections and provides accurate route maps from elmost every commercial airport in the world, including KMCO!

A suggestion from me would be Orlando to Port of Spain. Looks like there’d be some awesome scenery throughout the entire flight!

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Does anybody have any medium-haul flight suggestions? I am looking for flights using the a320 and the 737-800. Anywhere as long as the destination or the place of departure is Orlando. You could even do multiple places, so not just one route, but more of a trip.

Try West Jet from Orlando to Calgary. Good 5 hours.


For more ideas on what route to fly, check this topic:


Rye. :)


Might I suggest this thread if you are looking for a route.

Feel free to continue in the thread linked above