Route Ideas?

Having covered my favourite routes over and over again, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have. What are your favourite routes to fly in 22.1?

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There are many route databases that can be found here. Everything from the 717 to the jumbos


Wow thank you

You’re quite welcome! 🤗

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I love anything over Central Asia. More specifically, southern Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and northern Afghanistan and Pakistan, witnessing the wonderful mountainous terrain from above. I highly recommend Helsinki EFHK to Bangkok VTBS in the Finnair A350 (see Finnair 141 on Flightradar24).

Cruising over northern Afghanistan at 41,000 ft.


ZBAA----ZSPD is very good.

Haven’t flown this (yet), but Philly to Las Vegas is a nice 4-and-a-half hour flight. American 737, A321 or US Airways 757 should be used.

@AirbusBoeingAirChina welcome to the community!

Kathmandu Int’l VNKT - Paro Int’l VQPR, is a great little 1 hour flight, with amazing scenery.

I’d suggest taking an A320 / 737-800 or smaller. 🛫

TNCM-TFFF (or the other direction) would be a nice flight that can be flown by anything from a Cessna 172 to the Boeing 747-400. You get to see some nice island scenery in the eastern carribeans and you also have two 3D airports

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