Route ideas to and from KPHX

Hey, everyone
I was wondering if I can have some ideas for a route to Phoenix or from Phoenix on IF Live. Most of the time, I fly routes on IF between Europe and Phoenix. Mostly London Heathrow and Phoenix Sky Harbor. If anyone has any ideas for a flight, I can do it. But, I have a few things to go over.

Each route must meet one of the following categories

  1. Long Haul routes must either be between South America, Europe, or Asia. Australia and New Zealand are not acceptable destinations as of now and If a route is from either India, The Middle East, or Africa, there must be a stopover for fuel. Long-Haul routes to Russia and Iran are not accepted.
  1. Short-haul routes can be from Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or any of the States in the Mainland USA.
  1. Aircraft: Long-Haul Aircraft: I accept Long-Haul Aircraft from Airbus A330-300 to Airbus A350-900. Boeing aircraft accepted can be accepted from a Boeing 737-700 to a Boeing 787-10. Boeing 717-200 and Airbus A380 are not accepted. The 717 is hard to land and Sky Harbor Airport doesn’t have a gate to accommodate an A380.
  1. Airlines: Thai Airways can be accepted in IF flights. However, IRL, Thai Airways can No Longer fly into U.S. Airspace. All Airlines are accepted except those in the list below.
  1. Airlines not accepted at this time:
    Aeroflot (Due to the Russian Conflict in Ukraine)
    Iran Air (Due to political issues that I cannot discuss)
    Nordwind Airlines (Due to the Russian Conflict in Ukraine)

Please use this thread for route requests ;)

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Thanks. I’ll try to figure out how to close mine.