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I know there are topics on this but I want to find something very specific, that’s why I created a new one. Where can I find complete list of actual routes from Airlines? I don’t want to do a lot of digging, I’m figuring that has to be list somewhere of all the routes from Delta or United, etc Please do not give me suggestions unless they’re 100% exactly what I’m asking for. Thank you for your help in advance


I’m not sure. But I bet somebody else will help you! IFC has great community members that are willing to help you.


Use this:


Also for certain airlines, they have their official route maps:




Maybe I’m asking for too much, but that link still doesn’t give me a full route map, nor what plane flies which route

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I would say this community post has multiple sources for things you might need! Enjoy and happy flying!

This doesn’t give you every route from an airline, but if there is a specific route, I can imagine you can find the specific airlines.


Flight Connections will give you the airline’s full route map when filtering, however…

…for a specific aircraft, go to

You could also use the airline’s booking site to find the exact aircraft.

Using FlightsFrom, search the origin/destination airport for the route you want to view.

For example, if you want to know what aircraft Delta uses on its Atlanta to Seoul route, you type in Atlanta at the top and it’ll show every route from Atlanta Airport.

Select Seoul Airport once it pops up on the map.

On the left side, this willl show up:


Because of COVID-19, everything is constantly changing. So, if the flight by the specific airline you’re looking for doesn’t show up, you may need to adjust the calendar to find the date when the flight is operating. The same goes for seasonal flights.

Once you see the airline on the specific route, click the info and it’ll show you the aircraft.



awesome thank you man this really helps

This is freakn awesome … great tool to have

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The one thing that leads yet is the actual route but yeah it’s pretty great

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