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I am planning a flight tonight from Rome to Mexico City. I know Alatalia operates a nonstop service in their 777 bit i cannot find their route data. Flightaware is only showing me connection flights. Where can i find the route data?

You can always use :)

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I believe the route has been canceled due to the global pandemic, so you’ll have to use to generate the route. In other senses, you have a lot of leeway with the route. Happy hunting!

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Thank you. I’m assuming they’re planning to bring it back though?

Maybe after the pandemic ends. That is, if it ends.

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To find the flight numbers, I would use

In this case, the MEX-FCO flight is AZ677 which I can use to check in for more details and in some cases get a flightplan(only for flights to/from/within US territories)

For flight planning, and work hand in hand in that the latter is used to decode the flight plan made from simbrief. I hope that you’re successful with this flight :)

For more info:

You can also use to make route,after finishing making route,you can use to get further information

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Otherwise, can help you get route for US domestic flight.

a little dark there man

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That was hilarious! 😂

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