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DISCLAIMER this is not an event. This is a personal doing.

In the screenshot is my flight plan for my 2 week Christmas break. The 777-300ER dominates my schedule, with 50% of the flights being flown using that. I would like to ask your opinions on what routes should I replace the aircraft with the A350 instead of the 777-300ER? There is more below KLAX-KPHX.


Cool schedule!

ZSPD-VTBS uses a Thai A359 IRL


VTBS-WSSS uses a Thai A359 IRL

That’s all I can find :)

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I love the DC to Philly Aeroflot 77W 😂 but pretty much any transatlantic route you could make the case for the a350

I’m not gonna lie if AA operates a frickin A330-200 CLT-PHL then whats wrong with operating a 777-300? I mean come on now 😂

That’s a lot of routes 😮If you have time you could add a flight to LFSB 😊

Does this not belong in #live ?

Hey, when you have 2 weeks off from school, what better to do than fly? But yeah, I got you covered.

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Let me know when you go to LFSB and I’ll join you :)

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Still editing flight plan but will let you know.

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LFSB flight added. Throwing all sensibility out the window and operating an A350-900 😂

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If you take the Airbus livery, then that realistic. The A350 did some testing here, during it’s certification.

May as well throw in Toulouse.

Time and distance estimates have been updated to show route addition requests.

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