Route Database Question for VA

Sorry That I post alot of topics regarding my upcoming VA… but i have a question…

is there a way or website that will compile all my VA’s route all at once and i can quickly put it at WIX? I’m willing to pay a few dollars for it.

i know there is already a topic for it but i still don’t get it… plus some of the solutions there are how to buy a schedule (which from my perspective is not a route database). I want something to compile a route that i can easily just put iny my website (ik im to lazy to type 100 routes haha) but it would be easier for me if there is a way.

something like this but without me typing 100 routes into my data base

Thank you

This is good for buying schedules and it might be better if you asked questions on the IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread


thanks for the info but i dont get the VA schedules things how do i use it on my website then?

You can download it once you’ve purchased it and upload it to something like airtable

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Oh ok. But schedules is like a list of routes that an airline operates right?

Yes, its based of off FR24 and other sources, however if do plan on buying one bare in mind that passenger airlines will have significantly less routes than usual due to the ongoing pandemic, so i reccomend you get the flights before January (if you do want to buy them)


oh ok thanks

Also, a bit off-topic, but I recommend you use phpVMS to store your routes, lots of VAs use it to help manage pireps and stuff, for a full tutorial check this out - Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting - #17 by KaiM

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