Round the world with JETSTAR 888

Hey Guys!

So I am embarking on a pretty interesting quest!

36 hours ago I took off from YSSY on the training server in a Jetstar 787-8 as JETSTAR 888. My mission - fly for 7 days straight. (A little background - my callsign is always ____ 888 - so if you see _______ 888 thats me!)

My initial flight due to commitments on the ground had to be a long one - so I left YSSY heading across to CYYZ (I didn’t land - just drew a big circle in the sky) and headed for CYVR. After landing and refuelling at CYVR I trekked down to KLAX where I landed and refuelled before departing and heading off for PHNL. Once I arrived at PHNL, I decided for the remained of the week I would fly true Jetstar routes on the 788. So from PHNL I tracked towards YSSY once again. Upon reaching Australian waters I am now heading up towards RJTT. Jetstar fly to Osaka, however I decided RJTT was just as good for this trip. Once I land and refuel I will begin the trip from RJTT to YSSY (yes I know Jetstar don’t service Japan directly from YSSY) why I will then backtrack up and head for Zhengzhou ZHCC. I will continue to update the feed as to where I am and where I am going!

Hoping to break a record here!

At the time of this post which is 12:34 UTC, 10:34 AUS EST I am just southwest of YSTW (Tamworth) at FL340, with 8 hours exactly until arrival into RJTT.


Oh wow! That is pure commitment! Wish you the best of luck.


I would never have the time and patience to do that! Very cool!

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