Round the World in the XCub

Well, you knew this was coming. Since I haven’t seen anyone attempt it yet, I’ll take a go at it.

I just finished the flight plan using Foreflight and the entire journey from Yakima to Yakima will be 12,375 miles. With an average TAS of 120 knots that’s a whopping 103 hours of flight time. And of course it will change based on headwinds and/or tailwinds. I’m sure hoping not to run into headwinds along parts of the route as there are a few legs that will test the endurance of man and machine. And I am also hoping all the airports are actually in IF because some of them are obscure. Guess we’ll see.


This will probably take a few weeks to complete, but if you see a bright yellow XCub N172XC in the skies, that’ll be me. I’ll also post some shots along the way over in the other sub forum.


We’re doing this if you (or anyone else) would care to join!


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