“Round The World in 7 days” [LOOKING FOR PILOTS] [NOT FLYING]

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Hi all!

So I have recently been thinking about the phrase “less is more”, and with the (relatively new) release of global, it seems like I have been all of a sudden overwhelmed by the infinite capabilities of flight.

That’s what got me thinking about this new strategy of flying, designed solely to add realism and to make me appreciate the world more, and to fly in areas that I wouldn’t usually fly in.

So, from now on, I promise to stick to the following schedule:







Weekend Schedule


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So yeah. I know what you’re thinking; “why limit yourself when there is a whole globe to explore?”
To that, I answer with "Yes, a whole globe that I often only fly 10% of, because I am too scared to venture out farther. Let’s be honest. 90% of you here stick to your best-known routes, the ones you feel you have “mastered”. You may venture off once in a while, but rarely. My new system will organise things nicely and allow me to fly routes I have never flown, or even considered flying before.

For this challenge, I will allow myself to fly freely without restrictions on weekends, and weekends only. You have probably also noticed that the scheduled routes always start where the last flight ended. This is for realism purposes. You may have also noticed that my “working week” starts at EGKK, and ends at EGKK. This makes the weekly trips centralised and also adds realism.

So why have I created this thread? Well, 2 things:

  • To get others into the idea.
  • To let people know when I am flying so you know I am not cheating.

I will always be using Training Server.

Anyway, thoughts? Ideas? Contributions? Share them here!

I will be sticking to this for a minimum of 10 weeks.

My Current Status: NOT FLYING
Altitude: N/A
Speed: N/A
Estimated Time of Arrival: N/A
Flying From: N/A
Flying To: N/A
Callsign: N/A
Flying With: N/A

Please Note: This week (11 Feb 2018 - 18 Feb 2018) I will be skiing. For this reason I am unable to stick to schedule, and possibly unable to fly full stop. Obviously I will be able to stick to schedule next week, but not this week. Sorry!


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Theere weee go! Done.

Belongs in #live coz ur flying online :)

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Looks good.Best of luck to you!


That is a great idea, though I don’t have the time. Great way to fly all the aircraft and liveries.

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I like the idea. I struggle with where I’m gonna depart and fly too.

I try to follow ATC around, helps me find some new places to go

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Interesting idea, good luck!

I don’t think I’ve ever flown the same route twice…


What’s the fun in flying PHNL-PHTO 4 times?
You should do all 4 other major Hawaiian airports.

Lot more choices in the islands than just one route 😉


I really like this idea. I think I might try doing different routes sometime 😂

I am with Hawaiian Virtual so I have to fly that’s route to get my hours up. I think there are other inter-island routes but they are shorter, so PHNL-PHTO is a good route for seeing the whole of Hawaii from above.

Cool I’m going to do the same if that’s okay?

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Wow you must have a lot of spare time! I only manage 3 or 4 flights a week not a day. Good luck.

In the VA that I belong too we have over 400 different routes to choose from ranging from short hops in the Dash all the way up to long hauls in B789, A380 and of course the B747. I am trying to slowly work around and fly them all, but will take sometime until I manage that!


Can you stick to my schedule? That way we could both do the routes together!

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The reason why my morning flights start at 7am in the morning and end at 4pm is because of school. And yes, I only used to fly a few routes a week. That’s why I am implementing this new schedule.

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Update to all- I will shortly be arriving at PHNL (Honolulu International). (TS1)

You’re pretty high right now, when are you going to start descending?

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Now. Thanks for the friendly reminder!

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I’m probably going to head over to PHNL just to see the landing, butter the bread for me!

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I will M A R M A L A D E the landing

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