Round the World Flight

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to be doing a round the world flight departing from London Heathrow and ending at London Heathrow. I will be stopping at airports along the way. I will be using the 787-8 Dreamliner.

If anyone wants to give suggestions as to where I will stop… that would be greatly appreciated! :)

If anyone wants to join you are welcome to tag along! I will be flying from Heathrow - Tel Aviv - Kuwait City - New Delhi - Singapore - Gold Coast - Los Angeles - New York - London

If you are interesting in coming let me know asap because I plan to leave once I get everything ready!


I don’t know if that’s possible, but I have never seen somebody doing a around the world flight in southern/northern direction via the poles

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hey, that’s great!!! best of luck during your journey.

I really recommend following Joe Phillips trip , he started from London into Kuwait then India then Singapore then New York from there back into London.

hope you enjoy!!!


Thanks! I’ll look into that :)


I’ll have to give that a try then

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sorry from Singapore into lax

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Are you planning on visiting every major airport in every country, state or province,

No. That would take way to much time.


I’m doing Southampton - Southampton.


91 Legs if you are up for a challenge 😉

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Thats a lot! Have fun! ;)

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What airplane are you using?

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787-8 Dreamliner

Hi! This might be better suited for the #live:groupflights category. I think you might be better able to find others to fly with by doing so!😁

Hope all goes well!

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Thanks! I appreciate it!


Did u take off already I would like to attempt this will u

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I have not left yet.

When do u plan to leave ?

I sent you a message with details

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