Round the World Flight Pt. 2

Hello everyone! I will be doing a round the world flight (leaving from YSSY right now and heading off to Tokyo - time of sent date) connecting all the new 3D airports in the new IF update. It will consist of many long haul jumps to different locations around the world. I’m inviting anyone who is interested, to join me. I’ll be doing the flight with two friends but it would be great if we could get more people on board! ✈︎ I’ll give you more details if anyone is interested and available!
Hope you’ll come!

Airports of Call - Will be indicated which have been completed

London - Heathrow EGLL : Same Day - Completed
Perth - YPPH : Same Day Completed
Sydney - YSSY : Same Day Completed
Queenstown - NZQN Completed
Auckland - NZAA Completed
Tokyo - RJTT
Honolulu PHNL
San Francisco - KSFO : Same Day
Los Angeles - KLAX : Same Day
Mexico City - MMMX
Denver - KDEN : Same Day
Toronto CYTZ : Same Day
New York John F. Kennedy - KJFK : Same Day
London - Heathrow EGLL
Paris LFPG
Cape Town FACT
Dubai OMDB
Sochi URSS
Munich EDDM
London - Heathrow EGLL (end tour)


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