Round and Round I go

I am doing some laps around Chicago Region today. Come join me if you’d like. Citation X @ 24,000FT. I’ve been flying around for a bit



This dude…I thought I was doing laps



I don’t know how people do this. At about 120nm I begin to feel the urge to quit.


Is it a bug with the flight tracker?

Talk about doing pattern work!

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So earlier you said you fly ar work. Are you at work right now?

I set my phone at the base of one of my monitors so I can monitor the flight in case anything happens.

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Same. I’m more of a regional to long haul type pilot.

Everyone fits between regional and long haul.

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I just finished a great flight in a Citation X, around 6 hours total. I cruised at FL510 for about 3 hours. It was extremely windy up there! I finally landed at KORD 32L.I did about 4,000NM. I really with you could view total NM logged per aircraft!

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