Rough day

I had a rough day in the office today, ATC log says it all.

This was after RWY 24L was suddenly closed, and I had to go around. I was on final RWY 06L when the instruction was given.

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Gotta Be… I hope…

Yes, it is. And I heard other pilots getting " please follow instructions" messages. So I don’t know what was happening there.

It is the PG, no need for complaints as you can find everything here. If you want a more serious experience I would recommend you go fly on the Advanced Server.


I’m about 6000XP away from qualifying for Advanced server, but I’ll get there


Go to a quiet place, and do touch and goes for about an hour, XP in no time! :)

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Get recommendation my friend. When will the Advanced field a full ATC node?
Build it I’ll come. Max Sends

Nah… At least one hour and a half ;)


You always have to correct me…

That’s what I like from people ;)

1 hour of touch and goes, and what do I get, 1000xp. I don’t fancy doing 9 hours anytime soon…

I earn approximately 3.500 XP in an hour :P

I wouldn’t get that with 20kts crosswind. Maybe my landings could do with an inprovement…

I am not in the recruitment but seems like a lot of recruiting is going on so hopefully soon it will get more busy :D

Noted Sir. As long as Controllers are permitted to return to the same tower purch we will still be operating on kitty car wheels. We are a year in my friend.
Time to proceed with tha architecture as described in the FAR. 4 men teams (Center/Approach/Departure/Tower-Ground. Field a full node in a region. Move the “teams” region to region. Open them all on a rotating daily schedule. Recognize its a volunteer enterprise. The pipe is full of recruits, let the grumbles go. Over time you’ll have your loyal Cadre. As for the “My Money” argument. You pay your money you take your chance. Or better yet consider a subscription discount for ATC volunteers. Max Sends

I did it once for 1000XP in 12mins in an F-14

If my rate 1000 per 12 mins I can get 5000XP