Rouge flight in southern california (roleplay)

A unknown flight could be approach LAX or any major airport. This could be a threat. Someone should get a jet up there and check it out before something bad happens. His call sign is AB999. This is in the free flight server 1 in Southern California
event starting early at 8:50 BST, 3:50 EST, 12:50 PST.


Ha? what is the point of this post


Idk I’m bored. It’s kinda based off of non stop the movie.

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Did you get inspiration for this from my event earlier?

Do you still need jets

Join us tkpk in A330s landing competiton need players.

Pick a country as your callsign, re: commonwealth games


Something like that happened to me a while ago a person was flying a P 51 Mustang at around 20 ft All over the airport.

Sort of. I have always wanted to do this type of event but never found the time.

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