Rotation Speeds

I know that this topic is probably a duplicate, but I was wondering what the rotation speed was for the Boeing 737-900ER? I was also wondering what the rotation speed was for the Airbus A321?

Hey if you use it gives you V1, VR and V2


Around 130-150 knots depending on weight and weather.

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It completely depends on the weight and balance and can vary greatly. The lowest you’re gonna want to rotate is probably 135 KIAS

Read this

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normally around 140 for me

Ok, thank you for all of your help!

The speeds also vary by flap setting.

If you have IF Assistant, you can set your weight and takeoff flap settings, go to IFA and click the Autofill option in the speeds menu, then go back into IF with everything configured for you.

739 usually rotates at around 159kts with a normal-heavy load. a321 rotates at around 145-150kts with normal-heavy load

A321 in real life is V1 150 VR 160 (real pilot source). But in IF it’s about V1 132 VR 142.
Landing speed is 142 in both worlds

Pages 25 and 26 if you want to be really technical.

Takeoff Speed Tables (among other stuff)

These speeds work for the A32X family in IF very well. Use caution in 19.2/19.3 with the A321 for landing speeds at the bottom-there was a tweak to the weights in the A321 and it’s a bit off but as for the rest of the A32X family they’re perfect for IF.

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